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“I spoke with Rob a month ago and asked how the test was going. The brakes were put on one of our cars that finished 3rd in the Baja 1000. He told me the car has not been used for any tours so I asked him to install everything on one of our guide cars."

- Roger Norman (Podium Finish at Baja 1000)

"I love these brakes! I really notice stopping power. Also, the rotors still look brand new."

- Matt Johnson (Top 300 Fleet - STERIS Corporation)

"World class people. World class technology. Put them together and you have a world class company. Made in the USA and they hire vets. I'm proud to have a set of their rotors on my Roush and my wife is less scared to ride with me now. They may have saved my marriage. HA!"

- Philip Dana (Installed Atomic-Forged® Rotors on Roush Mustang)

"I wanted to follow up with you on how awesome these brakes are… Last week I towed a customer’s race truck on my flatbed (with no trailer brakes) up to Hesperia and despite the heavy load, ~10k lb’s, the brakes held up amazing!"

- Jonny Richer (Richer Racing)

“I am hard on brakes and I typically pull over 15 ton loads on my trailers on a regular basis with my GMC 4x4 and wear out regular brakes usually within a few months. Since getting my PureForge brakes over a year ago, I have experienced no wear, no fade, no dust and significantly better performance. I love these brakes!”

- Clyde Kreider