PureForge® Testimonials

“I spoke with Rob a month ago and asked how the test was going. The brakes were put on one of our cars that finished 3rd in the Baja 1000. He told me the car has not been used for any tours so I asked him to install everything on one of our guide cars.”

-   Roger Norman (Podium Finish at Baja 1000)

"The Brakes are awesome, stop quicker, run cooler and last way longer than OEM brakes. Perfect for off road or your haulers."

-   Rat Sult (Founder, Off Road Nights)

"First race with them was RAGE and we already see the faster stopping, and no fade!!!"

-   John Willard Sr. (Baja 1000 Driver)

"I wanted to follow up with you on how awesome these brakes are… Last week I towed a customer’s race truck on my flatbed (with no trailer brakes) up to Hesperia and despite the heavy load, ~10k lb’s, the brakes held up amazing! We had to come down a large grade and I wasn’t easy on them.  Once I had everything unloaded and was driving home I thought for sure the front rotors would be warped, but nope!  Thank you again..."

-   Jonny Richer (Richer Racing)

"I've been running a set of Pureforge rotors on my 92 NA Miata for around ~4 track days (HPDE) and 2 AutoX's. While I don't have braking data to report, I can say subjectively pedal feel is great, modulation is great, and the rotor wear is stunningly low. I can still see the machining marks after all this time. I expect to get a full 2-3 seasons with plain Pureforge rotors. Lap times and braking distances tended to be mostly unchanged, but they appear to be worth it from a fade and durability perspective alone."

-    Will Rori (HPDE)

“I am hard on brakes and I typically pull over 15 ton loads on my trailers on a regular basis with my GMC 4x4 and wear out regular brakes usually within a few months. Since getting my PureForge brakes over a year ago, I have experienced no wear, no fade, no dust and significantly better performance. I love these brakes!”  

-    Clyde Kreider

“I had the Pure Forge rotors installed on my 2013 Ram 1500 at 72,000 miles. After putting about 2,000 more miles on them I have noticed a significant difference. When I apply the same amount of pressure to the brake pedal as before I can feel the truck stopping sooner. It stops faster and in a shorter distance. It is very comforting to have more stopping power in my vehicle.”

-     Andrew Bottrell
      Navy EOD (Ret)
"I love these brakes! I really notice the stopping power. Also, the rotors still look brand new."
-     Matt Johnson
       Top 300 Fleet, STERIS Corporation

“We put the pads and rotors on unit 24459 on 8-18-17 at M=50355.

Last PM was 1-11-18 and unit had M=55817 for a total of 5462 miles on pads and rotors.

No complaints from the officer and the technician’s notes say the components look new still.”

-     City of Ft Wayne


“Got my road test in. There was a noticeable difference in initial performance, but I do feel like the brake feel was slightly more consistent with the Pure Forge than it was with the Fleet brakes. The Fleet brakes seemed to have an initial bite that was a bit stronger when cold but slowly tapered. The Pure Forge seemed to not have as aggressive cold bite, but in exchange the brake feel never changed. Both vehicles provided enough braking force to initiate lockup and activate ABS, though the fleet brake equipped car tires made a bit more chirps. Just an audible difference, which could be directly related to tread depth. The Fleet equipped vehicle has about 5/32” of tread remaining, the Pure Forge has about 3/32”, with both cars running the same brand/model/size tires. Neither vehicle experienced notable brake fade after multiple back to back panic stops from ~40mph. Neither vehicle exhibited excessive brake dust during the inspection or brake noise during the test drive. I would have liked to set up a measurable braking test, but alas, I’m a busy guy!

Overall I would say that from a performance standpoint they are comparable to the brakes we have been outfitting our fleet with. So, at this point, it’s all in the mileage. If it turns out that they do withstand the test of time, I will certainly advocate the kit. For the simple fact that reducing the amount of time spent servicing brakes means more available time to spend servicing other components. The ROI figures are a wash since we do all our repairs in house, but the improvement in efficiency is something I can sell!”

-     Will Papallo (City of Bozeman, MT)


“I am writing you in regard to the rotors that were installed on my 2006 Doge 2500 Pickup over two years ago. I am extremely impressed with the quality of product that Pure Forge and your team has created. These rotors are truly the best I have ever experienced. I drive up and down the state for work, close to 800 miles a week and for the entire time that I have had this set of rotors on my truck I have never had an issue. In the last two years I have put over 60,000 miles on my truck and still not one issue, I haven't even had to change out my pads. The truck still brakes as if I just put a new set on. No brake fade when hauling a heavy load to and from my family's cattle ranch and no brake fade in touch and go traffic traveling I5 to and from work. They are great across the board. I extend my thanks and congratulations to you and your team for creating such a great product.”

-     Haustin Morrison