PureForge® Atomic-Forged®

Ford PureForge® Brake Kit

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What’s Included In The Brake Kit?

Each brake kit comes with 4 rotors for your Ford and 2 PureForge® approved brake pad sets (Front/Rear). Each rotor has been Atomic-Forged® and is backed by our 5 Year / 200,000 mile warranty.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

We know it sounds too good to be true, however, we have been testing this technology through Link Engineering and are so confident that we guarantee the PureForge® Atomic-Forged® rotors to last 5 Years / 200,000 miles or we will replace them at no additional cost. Pads are excluded.

The Most Durable Brake Product on the Market

PureForge® brake rotors offer durability advantages no other brake rotor can deliver. The Atomic-Forged® technology greatly reduces brake rotor wear and allows the rotors to perform at a consistently higher level that significantly increases brake effectiveness, improves brake stopping capability and virtually eliminates brake fade. PureForge® rotors are the industry’s first braking product to offer a warranty.

PureForge® Rotors Forging Process

The Atomic-Forged technology revolutionizes traditional forging process is to the atomic level, creating a very tough and highly durable brake rotor surface that has extreme wear and corrosion-resistant properties. It has been independently proven to significantly reduce brake rotor and pad wear, as compared to any conventional brake system.

Save Money and Improve Safety

Brake fade and brake failure cause accidents resulting in serious injury and death. Improved braking effectiveness has proven to provide a significant element of safety. A few inches can make all the difference in preventing an insurance claim, an injury, or a life lost.

Patented Atomic-Forged® Technology

Our patented surface nano-technology is applied to a brake rotor resulting in exceptional wear resistance. The ingenuity behind the PureForge® brake rotor is the patented and proprietary Atomic- Forged® technology, a complex metallurgical surface and near-surface process developed specifically for application to brake rotors. By effectively modifying the rotor on the molecular level, the result is a multi-layer of ultra-dense exotic metal alloys that are forged into and onto (substratum and above stratum) the rotor. This treatment has been engineered and proven to withstand the most extreme real world frictional, mechanical and thermal forces encountered by the brake rotor during the braking process.

Green Technology that Pro-Actively Meets State, Federal and European Copper Regulations

There is a growing concern about the health hazards of toxic emissions and pollutants from brake dust and nano-particulates generated during the braking process – especially on the very young, the elderly, and those suffering from respiratory diseases. The elimination of wear also results in the significant reduction of toxic brake dust, nano-particle pollutants. Thus, these geno-toxic pollutants are kept out of the air and ground water by eliminating them at their source.